Want to Shine Your Footwear Like a Pro? Steps to Follow

Shoes are the first thing that both men and women look at. When Will Rogers said, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” he probably was describing what people think when they assess the condition of other’s footwear. So, if you want to win friends, get respect from others at your office and influence people, start by shining your shoes like a pro.


There are many opinions as far as shining a shoe is concerned. Everybody has their own twist from using a lighter for burning the top coat of the polish to using spit. The process described below is a very simple one and has been used for years to make footwear shine.

Lay a newspaper or an old towel

The first thing that you need to do is lay a newspaper or an old towel over the area where you are planning to shine your shoes. Shoe polish can actually get smeared everywhere even if you are very careful. And the worst part is, it won’t get out of the carpet easily.

Clean dust and dirt off the shoes using our shoe brush

Use a plastic handle shoe brush to clean the dust and dirt off your shoes. You can get these plastic handle shoe brushes in many online shops. Count on a reputed online brush supplier in Texas for buying it. You can also use a damp cloth to clean the dirt and dust. But if you use a damp cloth, you need to give time to your shoes to dry off because you should not apply polish when they are wet. If the footwear is very dirty, clean them by using a leather cleaner and conditioner.

Apply shoe polish

Make use of an old t-shirt or a polishing brush while applying the layer of polish to the surface of the shoe. Make sure every part of the shoe surface is covered with polish. Pay attention to the heel and toe as well because these are the areas that tend to wear the most. If you are using a cloth or old t-shirt, wrap it tightly around your hand and make use of your middle and index finger to apply the polish all over the shoe. If you wish to shine the part of the sole that is between the toe and heel, make sure you use a cotton bud or a toothbrush to apply the polish into that area. After you have applied polish to the shoe, keep it aside on the towel or newspaper and repeat the same process with the other shoe that’s left. For the polish to dry, make sure you keep each shoe aside for at least 15 minutes.

Use shoeshine brush

After the polish dries up, remove the excess using the horsehair shoeshine brush. Brush the shoe vigorously by even, short strokes. The movement must come from your twist and not the elbow.

Buff it with a cloth

Take an old cloth and buff your shoe until you get that shine that you want. You can even breath onto your shoe before buffing for adding that extra shine.

How often do you brush and shine your shoes? Always use these steps given above for shining it like a pro.



How to Get the Best Hotel Deals?

Finding a hotel deal is not a difficult affair. You only need to keep your eyes and ears open and be flexible with your travel dates. Here are five different ways of getting the best hotel deals. Check them out!

best hotel deal Compare prices online

Don’t just book a hotel room because you found that one to be an affordable one! Check some other hotel websites as well and compare their tariffs. Find out which one is affordable and then book the room accordingly. However, don’t just consider the room tariffs while comparing the prices; also make sure to consider the amenities it provides in that rate.

Travel during off-season

If you want to get the best hotel deal, you should travel during off-season. It is at this time that most of the hotels give discounts and deals to their customers. Don’t expect to get these discounts and deals if you are planning to travel during the peak season.

Look for packages

The package concept is a better deal because vacation package providers can negotiate room rates better than the average consumer. Although you may find cheaper hotel rates without even booking a package, most often it is seen that packages are more reasonable. Hotels offer greater discounts on packages. So, if you want to save money on accommodation, look for packages.

Consider waiting until the last minute

Booking a hotel room in advance gives peace of mind but it may not be great for your pocket. A last minute booking on the other hand can offer you significant discounts. But be very careful if you consider waiting until the last minute. Availability does dwindle the closer you get to the travel dates. So, you should always think twice if you are travelling with your family and is considering a last minute hotel booking. Last minute hotel booking can save you 30-40% but you won’t have the peace of mind that advance booking offers.

Look for yatra coupons

For example, you may be planning to visit Goa during the summers. In that case, check out if there are yatra coupon codes available for hotels in Goa. If you find yatra coupons, consider yourself to be a lucky one because finding these coupons mean you can save a lot of money on your accommodation. Yatra usually offers a lot of discounts.



Different Kinds of Brushes for Industrial Cleaning

There are different kinds of brushes which are used for industrial cleaning. They are used for removing rusts, polishing, welding and deburring purposes. Here are lists of different kinds of brushes that are used for industrial cleaning.

Abrasive brushes-They are unique brushes compared to traditional brushes that are made of metal filaments. The abrasive brushes have nylon filaments that are flexible and homogeneous. The abrasive brushes with nylon filaments include cup brushes, radial coil brushes and tube type brushes. Abrasive brushes find application in light deburring and finishing of surfaces.

Wheel brushes-They are used for cleaning, polishing, edge blending, welding, removing rust and paint and deburring. They come in different types like knotted wire wheel brushes, crimped wire wheel brushes, nylon brushes, Tampico wheel brushes etc.

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Power brushes-Power brushes are effective in getting rid of manufactured byproducts, surface finishing, thread cleaning, removal of rust etc. Power brushes can be used for cleaning different kinds of surfaces made up of glass or aluminum. The wire of power brushes is made up of stainless steel or brass. The size of the wire ranges from 0,15 to 0,80 mm.

Tube brushes-Tube brushes are used for cleaning internal bores as well as cylinders. They can be distinguished by their spiral bristles and is found to be compatible with materials which are non ferrous in nature. For heavy cleaning, like that of powerful tools, double spirals are used whereas single spiral brushes are used for manual cleaning.

Platers brushes-These brushes are manufactured by placing a filament into the solid blocks made up of hard wood. It is available in different shapes especially designed for comfortable brushing. These brushes are available in metals such as stainless steel, nylon, steel. They come in different smart lengths, and block sizes. They are designed for cleaning and finds application in plating and metal finishing in industries such as aircraft and military. The brushes which are less abrasive have filaments that is softer and is considered perfect for polishing surfaces that are less scratch resistant.

India Celebrates Holi 2014

People from all over India celebrated Holi, the festival of colors, with coloured powder (gulal) and water guns (pichkaaris) on March 17, Monday. They even bought water guns using coupon codes in India.

holiOn this auspicious occasion, people in North India, greeted one another with traditional sweets, especially ‘gujiya’. Apart from the sweets, the revelers also consumed the thandai, popular as ‘bhang’. Bhang is actually a drink, which is made during this festival, with leaves and buds of a cannabis plant.

Holi basically marks victory of good over the evil.

Something remarkable happened this year during Holi. The widows of Vrindavan went a step ahead this year and played Holi with pichkaaris and gulal. Never before in history did such things happen. In fact, last year, they had a good time with flowers but not with coloured powder and water guns.

Meanwhile, Manmohan Singh the Prime Minister and Pranab Mukherjee the President of India wishes all the citizens of India a very safe and happy Holi on Sunday, saying that the festival is an opportunity to make the bonds of friendship and unity stronger.

Manmohan Singh celebrated Holi with his staff the first time during his rule in UPA-II. In his message he said that Holi heralding the onset of spring commemorates various hues of the country’s cultural mosaic and is a great occasion to celebrate in the splendor of nature in all its vivacious and vibrant colours. The festival is a symbol of India’s spirit of harmony, unity and tolerance. He wishes, “May the festival bring health, happiness and prosperity to all.”

Even Pranab Mukherjee extended his greetings and good wishes to all his fellow citizens of India on this happy occasion. He said, “As spring arrives, this festival of colours brings with it a joyous celebration of the rejuvenation of nature and ushers in renewed faith in peaceful co-existence. Holi not only brings joy and gaiety in our lives but also provides an opportunity to strengthen the bonds of friendship and brotherhood among people of all faiths. May this festival reinforce the multi-coloured hues of our extraordinary heritage and bring peace and prosperity to our Motherland.”

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The Wire Brushes and Their Uses

A wire brush is a tool that consists of three parts-a brush, a handle and a ferrule. The handle is usually made of plastic, wood or bone, whereas the brush is made either from brass or from a number of steel wire bristles. The steel that’s used is very hard and consists of a high carbon variety. The wires in the wire brush are generally held together by staples, epoxy or in a few cases one continuous wire. Ferrules consist of a circular clamp (usually of metal) that strengthens the end of the handle. It holds together and attaches the wires by crimping or tightening it onto the part that it holds.

wire brushesAlthough the origins of these tools are not known yet, it is said that the Romans used these kinds of tools while manufacturing roof tiles. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the tool was no longer used for a long time. However, nowadays, they are being used in many industries.

Different kinds of wire brushes have different kinds of application. This means a brass wire brush doesn’t have the same use as the tools, which are made from stainless steel. A few of these kinds of brushes can even be used in an electric drill or an angle grinder.

Since a wire brush is abrasive in nature, it can be primarily used for removing paint and cleaning rust. It can even be used to clean teeth of big animals like pings and crocodiles. You can use them in surface engineering as well for cleaning castings and painting them. But it should never be used to remove stucco spills from the concrete walkway stone.

If you want, you can use a wire brush, which has stainless steel bristles for cleaning stainless steel materials because a normal carbon steel brush will taint the stainless steel material and create rust spots. The brass bristle brush, on the other hand, can be used in flammable environments or on the softer surfaces where non-sparking tools are needed. However, the powered wire brushes are usually used for deburring the edges and surface finishing.

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Tips to Save Money While Travelling

There are many people who love travelling to different places. If you are one of them, but fear that a lot of your money will be spent while travelling, then you should definitely read this. You can travel to any place in India without spending much. But to do this, there are a few tips, which you need to follow.

yatra coupon codesPlan for your vacation in advance

You should plan for your vacation at least one or two months in advance. This will allow you to get the best rates for airfare and hotels. But to get these best rates, you need to do a thorough research. You can make the best use of the internet to do this research work. You can find many hotels and airline companies offering discounts and cheap fares if you book in advance. Compare the airfares and the discounted hotel rates and book the flight and hotel that you find is most reasonable. This way you can save a lot of your money.

Always use public transport

Public transport is a very reasonable option while travelling from destination to another. While you are on your tour to India, you should use public transport like trams, metro railway, local trains and buses. By travelling this way, you can save a lot of your hard earned money. Ditch the taxi or car rental services. If you use them, your travelling costs would become quite high. If you want to go to some place, which is just 5 minutes by bus, you can explore the destination by foot. This way you can save more money.

Decide on dates

You might be tempted to travel during school holidays but to be very honest that’s the peak season. If you travel during that time, your expenses will rise up. Wise people always travel out of peak season to make massive savings on both accommodation and travel. However, you can save a lot of your money even if you travel during the peak season. For that, you need to use yatra coupon codes that are available online. By using those coupons, you can save a lot on your accommodation or airfare.